The first 5 minutes are always awkward. You feel that the camera is pointed at you and you feel exposed. I can assure you that this happens to everyone at the beginning of the shoot. Because I am a photographer who also stands in front of the camera I know how it feels from both sides.
Shooting with me means (besides taking beautiful pictures) that we have an hour where we talk and I get to know you better. You can tell me about your business and about being a female entrepreneur. during the talk, I will take a few pictures of you. Because I create a relaxed and fun experience, feeling awkward will be over in a few minutes.

Review from Mamaish


"It’s really a pleasure working with you. Shooting with you makes me feel calm and relaxed. And that results in beautiful pics ☺️ Thank you so so much for this lovely shoot😘"



How do I book a shoot?

After contacting me we will set a date for the shoot. Before we meet I will ask you to make a mood board. 

This allows me to see the kind of pictures you like and it's also a good way to get to know your style better.


I don't know where to shoot. do you have tips?

I always recommend choosing 2 differemt locations for the shoot. This way you have a variety in your pictures.

Home, tea bar, city, forest, beach. Basically, we can shoot everywhere :-).


What's the best time to shoot?

I always recommend shooting on weekdays and in then in the morning. there are 2 reasons for that. First of all, it's most of the time the best light and the second is that it's less crowded. This way you get those clean and timeless pictures.


what should I wear and what about make-up and hair?

I recommend wearing something you feel amazing in. If you always wear a skirt then wear a skirt that fits you the best. Think about how you want to present yourself. Keep your outfit timeless so it won't take the attention away from you. If you want some advice, you can always send me pictures of the outfit to help you out.


I advise you to put a little bit more makeup on for the shoot then you're used to. Don't be afraid because on camera it will mostly fade away. Also getting your hair done is always better. putting a little bit more effort into your appearance will pay off because you will feel confident in front of the camera. You can see it as having some me-time while you're preparing for the shoot :-). 


When do I get the pictures

The pictures will be done in 4 weeks. You will receive a sneak preview in 48 hours after the shoot. 


What's my investment?

The shoot is a 1,5 hour shoot and you will get around 20 pictures. They are in high resolution so perfect to use for your website or social media. You will receive the pictures in a beautiful online gallery within 4 weeks.
The investment is € 250 excludes travel costs (if the shoot is in the Hague the travel costs are included). 



If you have any other questions or you want to set a date. send me a message and I will reply in 48 hours.


looking forward to hearing your story and capturing it.


Much love,




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