I started my photography business in the most difficult time of my life.  A few years later, I capture the special moments, so they can be relived over and over again. I add value to peoples life by making them feel amazing and comfortable in front of the camera. I help others grow and learn more about photography.  





Are you looking for a photographer where you feel comfortable around and do you want pictures you can relive over and over again?
I capture your special moments in a timeless way and with a lifestyle touch. I let you enjoy your day while I capture the specials moments. a laugh, a touch, a tear.  
My style matches intimate weddings and destination wedding the best. Here I can capture the real emotions, the details and amazing pictures in beautiful light.






  • Couples can relive the special moments over and over again through the pictures

  • Female entrepreneurs feel comfortable in front of the camera and their brand stand out by amazing pictures (captured of course by me :-))

  • Others grow after getting more knowledge during a workshop or coaching

  • People get inspired by styled shoots i create






While I was handling a divorce, getting out of debt and raising a son of just 7 months I decided to start my own photography business. Crazy? I guess, but I needed to follow my heart and do something I really loved.  

I spend, the few hours I had in the evening, learning more about photography and working so hard to build up a brand. I poured my heart and soul into it.  


 A few years later I have my own business, my son grew up, I met my best friend and ended up marrying him. I also had the honor to photograph amazing people and capture those special moments. When I started to get a lot of questions about photography I decided to give workshops too.   



Thank you so much for reading my story. I love to stay connected.



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