Scared to shoot in Manual?

When I first started photography I didn't use the Manual mode. Because everytime I read about it, it looked so difficult and almost impossible. In the meantime I was most of the time not happy with the pictures I took. So one day I decided to play with it and see what kind of difference it would make and it was really an eye-opener.

​This 2 picture i took a few seconds after eachother. the first one is in auto mode and the second one is in manual mode. both are not edited in any way. what a huge difference right?

Manual shooting is about 'the Traingle'. The ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture are all connected. In this video I explain more about it. And soon I will give a workshop about it. So stay tuned.

Do you have any question about shooting in Manual mode ? send me a quick note and I will answer it as quick as possible.

Keep on smiling!


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