How to find your perfect camera | tips for beginners

Getting a new camera is always very exiting. Specialy if it's your first 'real' camera. I remember the day when I bought my first real camera and how exited it was. I searched for weeks to find the perfect one. I read every tip I could find and when to many stores. But the more I read or heard the more I got confused. Because a lot of people had of course all different opinions. In the end I decided to go with Canon camera and at that moment I thought I had the perfect camera and for me it was the best at that moment. After that the addiction began so be sure what you're getting yourself in to :-).

I always want to try a lot of things and because of that I waisted a lot of money on gear I don't use. So to save you time, trouble and money I share with you 3 tips on how to find your perfect camera.


Know what you want to shoot. Do you want to take pictures of people, animals, landscapes, weddings, children... There are a lot of different things and of course different camera's and lenses. Each lens will take a different picture. If you want to take pictures of landscapes and you buy a 50mm lens the photo will be cropped and the landscape will not be the way you want it.

In this video I share more tips on how to find your perfect camera. Also follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenses and I will answer questions that don't make it to whole video's.

I hope this video is helpful and don't forget... Keep on smiling!

Much love,


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