5 books you must read in your life

My first memory of reading a book was through a picture. In this candid picture my sisters where talking to each other and there on the couch in the background I was, buried with my head in a book and I remember I was wearing my favorite sweater....ah good times.

Reading was my way to enter a whole another world and forget mine…reading was eventually my rescue…I read and read and finished so many times a book in one day. But when I went to high school everything changed. At high school we had to read books for class and there I lost the fun of reading. And there, and I don’t know why, I just stopped reading.

For many years I didn’t read anything beside the books for study. But the missing began to grow more and more and then I began to start reading again. I didn’t go easy or smooth, like a new relationship we had to get to know each other and make time to be together. And a lot of times the book had to wait for me for weeks to read again. I knew that making time was not the thing, of course I am busy but actually you can make time for anything when it is a priority for you. Now I try to read at least 5-10 minutes a day and most of the time I find myself reading for 20 minutes or even half an hour.

The books I believe you have to read in your life are 5, for now. I believe these 5 books changed my life in a certain way.

The first book is ‘Big Magic’ from Elizabeth Gilbert. In the book she talks about being creative and how it takes courage to live a creative life. She say that every person is creative and can create something and don’t have to make it a job. Your creativity has to bring you joy and can be just for you…but just create and more important create for yourself. Create the things you like and want to see, hear, read, eat, feel etc. Don’t bother about other people and specially don’t bother that it has to be perfect. Forget perfection! Done is better than perfect! Reading this book gave me a lot of freedom and happiness. Freedom to create for myself and happiness to create what I love.

Do you want to know more about the other 4 books I highly recommend? I talk about them in this video. Have fun and I really hope that you start reading or if you already did you read even more.

Keep on smiling!

Much love,


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