How to take better pictures | 3 tips you have to know

Hello my happy people! Can you believe it’s the end of January? I feel it was just yesterday New Year. Time flies by when you’re having fun right?

So a few weeks ago I asked on Instagram Stories if my Instagram friends want more blogs or video’s. The answer surprised me a little bit because it was around 60/40. Around 40% wanted a blog. So here is will share 1 tip and that’s the most important tip. For the other 2 tips you really have to watch the video. And I would recommend you to do because these other 2 tips will take your pictures to another level.

I always wanted to have more wow effect in my pictures and the key is to really find that amazing light. Light is your friend but can also be your enemy if you don’t use it to your benefit.

So tip number 1 is Find good light. And then I get the question, what is good light.

And that depends on so many things. Example. You’re home and want to take a selfie. Then window light is the most amazing light you can have. If you’re outside then try to avoid harsh sunlight because this will wash you out. Instead. Go to the shadow, this will transform your picture.

Watch for tip number 2 & 3 the video. Enjoy!

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