Finances | 3 tips on how to make them more fun

Oh my! A few years ago I couldn't even look at my finances. I didn't know where the money went and was always ending up with less money then I should have. Even though I was earning enough it was always too less. My biggest problem was that didn’t pay things on time so after a while it got worse and worse.

And then I was done with all the stress that I was having. Because even though I was acting like an ostrich and putting my head in the sand it bothered me a lot. So I decided that things had to change and I took control of my finances. It was not easy (read shocking) to put everything on the table and take a good look at it, but a few years later now I look back and I am so happy I did. Finances are still not my thing but I know exactly what's going out and what’s coming in and I pay everything on time. And that's a huge difference and a big relieve.

So because I know that a lot of people don't like finances too, I teamed up with Marjan of the Happy Financial. In this video she shares 3 tips on how to make your finances better and even more fun.

Are you ready to dive in? You can do it girl! I believe in you ;-).

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