Workation - 3 tips to make it succesful

I guess you have heard the word 'Workation' a few times before or maybe you have heard it a lot of times. Today I want to share 3 tips on how to make your workation succesful. For me it's the best way to travel more times a year and work at the same time.

In my heart I am a nomad so the moment I am too long in Holland I get this feeling to travel again, to go discover and see other places. So with just a laptop and good WIFI I am good to go.

What is workation

Workation is a combined word of ‘work’ and ‘vacation’. It means that you will travel to another place but still will work a certain amount of hours.

So here are 3 tips on how to make your workation succesful.

1. Good WIFI is a must

When you’re going on a workation then the first thing you have to check is if there is good WIFI at the place you’re gonna stay in. Really pay attention to this, because a lot of hotels say they have WIFI but in the end the WIFI is just in the public spaces as the lobby or you have to pay more for it in case you want to have it in the room. And yes even in the more expensive hotels they don’t always have WIFI in the room. I make this almost my main priority to know for sure that the WIFI is good.

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