How to pose in front of a camera | tips every girl has to know

Did you ever say one of these phrases?

I don't like to see pictures of myself! I don't know why I feel so weird/different in front of a camera! Yes, I would love to have pictures of myself but they always turn out bad! I don't like my [fill in] in pictures! As a photographer, I heard all kind of reasons why women don't like to stand in front of a camera. And although it's always awkward the first few minutes I share a few basic tips about how you can look better in pictures.

1. Turn your body aside

The most important thing is to turn your body when you're standing in front of a camera. The moment you stand straight in front of it you will look bigger then you are. So if you turn your body you instantly look leaner and you create the S-shape with your body. Want to know more of the posing tips? Watch my video where i show you exactly how to stand.

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