Taking pictures in natural light? Tips on how to work with daylight

You take out your phone or camera because you saw something you want to capture. But when you look at the result the photo is just not as you had in mind. Sounds familiar? I know how annoying it sometimes can be. In your excitement you forget to pay attention to the light. And as the most pictures are taken during the day, it’s very important to understand daylight. Read more about the golden hour, shadow, sun and backlight and make that light work for you.

Why you should take pictures during the golden hour

The best moment of the day is the golden hour. This is about an hour after sunrise and before sunset. The light is then soft and ‘warm ‘ and gives a soft feel to the picture. It makes the skin look so much better in pictures and add gives the picture a glow. I read a lot about it before I really got the chance to work with it myself and now I plan the shoots as much as possible during the golden hour.

How to use shadow during the day in your pictures

However, most time we take pictures outside of the Golden Hour. And this makes it harder to create a good picture. If you’re taking a picture during the day then look for shadow. The shadow will make your pictures less harsh.

Why the sun has to be in the background of your pictures

I just love the sun. But when it comes to taking pictures it’s not always your best friend. If you’re taking pictures while it’s sunny make sure the sun is behind the person or object you photographing. That way the sun will be in the background and the person doesn’t have to squeeze his or her eyes while looking towards the sun.

Be aware of backlight while taking a picture

Now this is a tricky one. Backlight is when the person looks like a silhouette while the background is light. If you’re just started taking pictures you may want to stay away from backlight, especially if you’re taking pictures with your phone. But give this one definitely a try because I avoided it for a long time but now this is my favorite way to take pictures.

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