What to do when you feel restless or unproductive – 3 tips

Do you have those moments where you feel restless because you have too many ideas but you don’t know where to start? Or that you feel you need some quiet time alone but also have the urge to be productive while the opposite is actually true. I know I have. And not just once. At those moments I know I have to take a few steps back and let everything rest for a while. I takes me sometimes days to discover these feelings but I am getting better at it. For the past few years I tried a few different things and I noticed that these 3 things are the ones that really work for me.

Take walks Take walks outside alone or with someone. I do both and I always get so much out of it. When you’re sitting it can block your feelings or thoughts. But somehow something happens when you start walking and talking or thinking about things. Whenever I go with my partner we have the best talks during a walk. Somehow all the pieces come together. So when you feel stuck or restless try a walk.

Sit alone in silence Sitting alone in silence is not an easy thing to do. I notice that a lot of times I quickly grab my phone or get up to do something I remember I have to do at that moment. But sitting alone in silence makes you calm on the inside and can bring up feelings or emotions above that were hidden. The best moment is early morning before the rest wakes up or later in the evening. I just make tea and sit. Listening to the sounds around me and letting the thoughts and feelings flow.

Write down your thoughts Yes, there is something about taking a notebook and a pen and writing everything that pops into your head. The best thing to do is to write everything without really thinking about it. Every thought that pops into your head. You will see that it can be a lot. So many thoughts that cause feelings without even really noticing them. When I write I feel empty afterwards and calm. And

What do you do when you’re feeling restless? Any tips? Love to hear from you.

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