Find your perfect photographer with these easy 4 tips

You know you need amazing pictures and you have seen a lot of pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, but now that you have to choose a photographer for yourself it gets difficult. In this post, I share a few tips on how to find your perfect photographer.

photo by Anouk fotografeert during a wedding shoot in Marrakesh

Choose which style of pictures you like

The most important thing is to choose which style you like. Do you want a light or dark style, a lot of posed pictures or more spontaneous, do you want more black and white pictures or more color? You have a lot of different styles but the biggest difference is between a light style and a moody style. The light style, well the name says it already, are pictures that are light and softer. The moody style is the darker style with a lot of brown and black elements. If you look at my pictures you will see that my pictures are light with a kind of a lifestyle vibe to it. I like light pictures but I don't overexpose it and I like people to have fun in front of the camera and look classy & fashionable. So when you know what kind of style you're looking for you already took the first step because now you can go and look at the portfolios of the photographers.

take a look at the Portfolio of the photographer

Every photographer has a portfolio on his or her website to show her work. So I would recommend you to take a first look at that. If you like the style you can then visit Instagram or Facebook to see more of the work. A lot of photographers share more recent pictures on social media. In case they have a blog, it's also possible that they show their more on their blog than in their portfolio. A portfolio is a small selection of their work where on the blog, you can find more work and more information about the photographer.

Learn more about the photographer

A very important step is to get to know your photographer better before you book him or her. The photographer will spend a few hours with you so you have to make sure that you all feel comfortable during that time. Everyone who has a website has a section 'about' (or in my case 'my story'). On there I share how I started my photography business and why I capture special moments. This way you can already see if there is a connection. A lot of photographers share also more on their Instagram Stories. There you can see and learn more about their personality and their personal life.

Book a meeting with the photographer

The moment you think you found the perfect photographer it's always a good idea if you book a meeting or talk to each other. This can be in a café where you have tea (or coffee) or via Skype. This allows the photographer also to get to know you better and see if you're both the right fit for each other.

Do you want to get to know me better? Book a free meeting and connect with me on Instagram. Love to hear from you.

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