3 reasons why you should try a coworking place

One of the best things about being a female entrepreneur is working from home. You can sit in your comfort zone and be surrounded by your own things. But sometimes it can get lonely right? Or sometimes you lose the focus and you can just think about the laundry that has to be done. Or you just need others to pitch an idea to and talk about entrepreneurship. Sounds familiar? A few months ago I also joined a coworking place (Open doors the female hub) and I try to go as much as possible. In this post, I share 3 reasons why you should consider working at a co-working place.

A line between home and work One thing is for sure. When you work outside of the house you have no temptations to go and do other things than working on your business. The line between work and home is more clear. Home will be your place to relax and work is outside. I love to work from home but I always feel guilty for not cleaning in the meantime while I actually have to work. So when I am outside I don't think about those things and work with more focus.

Getting Inspired by other entrepreneurs Sometimes you feel lonely when you're working from home. I feel that I am the only photographer out there, which is absolutely not true of course! So when you're surrounded by other female entrepreneurs you get inspired by their work ethic and how dedicated everyone is to making their business a success.

Networking with other entrepreneurs I was always interested in other people's stories. why do people do something and why do they make a certain choice? what drives them and what makes them choose for entrepreneurship. when I started working at the open doors I met a lot of inspiring girls and heard amazing stories. it also gives you an opportunity to tell your story and so people get to know you better.

I hope these tips will benefit you. Do you ever work outside of the house? Any places I should check out? Let me know.

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