An intimate wedding, 4 reasons why you should do it

December 16, 2018

While some couples want a big wedding, a lot of couples choose to celebrate this special day only
with the people that are the most important to them or elope just together. Listening to what you
want and playing by your own rules is possible now. In this post I share 4 reasons that will make you
eager to have an intimate wedding.







Only people who mean the most
Choosing to have an intimate wedding means having only inviting the people who you really care
about. Most of the time this is around 60 people. Making a guest list is not always an easy task, but so
worth it. Knowing that you will have only those people who really love you and you love back makes it
so magical.


Different vibe
Having an intimate wedding automatically creates a different vibe. People in small groups feel
connected to each other much more and conversations are more fun and open. If you also have your
wedding in a warm country then the sun and the vibe of that place will make you wedding instantly so
relaxed. So only good vibes on your big day!


Make it unique
Because you don’t have to spend your budget on all the drinks and food you can add things that
makes your wedding unique. What about those flowers you really love but are a little bit expensive?
Or that dress you really love? Or how about serving gelato on you wedding day? It’s your day so own



Enjoy your day to the fullest
When you have less people on your wedding day you can have more time to have the pictures you
want. Having less people at the wedding means the photographer also can capture all those
spontaneous moments between you and the guests. And you can talk to everyone at your wedding
day without feeling exhausted at the end of the day.



Are you just as enthusiast about an intimate wedding as I am? I always offer a free meeting to chat
and get to know if we are a right fit for each other.









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