#1. The 5 secrets to make your client comfortable during a photoshoot (secret 1)

Posing in front of a camera is for a lot of people very difficult. Especially the first 5 minutes. Suddenly you feel all eyes are on you and instead of enjoying, you are busy with how to stand, where to put your arms and if your make-up is still okay. In this series I will share 5 secrets on how to make your client comfortable during a photo shoot.

You will know how to make a connection with your client, how to show your client what you exactly want from them, how to have fun during a photo shoot, why you should talk to your client while taking pictures and why you should in front of the camera a lot yourself.

The first secret is.....

Make a real connection with your client

This may sound so obvious, but when I was started taking pictures I was nervous and uncomfortable myself during a photo shoot because it was new and I was still learning a lot about the settings on the camera. I sometimes would ‘forget ‘about my client. Making real contact with your clients before and during the photo shoot is very important.

I can hear you asking ‘okay well how do I make real contact ‘? Well that ‘s actually very easy. The important thing is to be really interested in your clients and be genuine about it.

I always want to know what they do in their free time, how they met each other, why they started a business etc. Before I start taking pictures I have a little chat with my client. It’s all about creating a relaxed vibe and making them comfortable.

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